What is WAMO? ****

WAMO 2023 ChiangMai WAMO is a collaborative series of events to open up new culture by combining Web3, AI creator culture, humanistic digital art, and creative social action. It is expected to be held in from 16 Dec 2023 to 1 Jan 2024 in Chiang Mai.

Goal and Objective

WAMO 2023 Chiang Mai, guided by the principles of openness, mutual benefit, collaboration, and open source, places coordination at its core. The event aims to co-create a dreamscape by blending Web3 technology, AI/maker culture, digital humanities arts, and creative social action, while integrating Thai culture with the ethos of Web3 in the planned ‘WAMO’ activities.

Impact report


Date: 16 Dec 2023 - 1 Jan 2024

Events: 82 differents events (Event review with photo)

Attendees: 1914 attendances (Attendance record)

Media exposure

https://twitter.com/Wamo_topia, 1614 followers; 13 Web3 media and 88 communities marketing promtion (reference)

Working Team (Total 79 members; over 20 core working members)

Ref: https://www.notion.so/wamo/WAMOTOPIA-Playground-83f0b369b0924a4aab76d692b8cfcfba

Retrospetive Grants application

Target: 3000U - 5000U